Bavarian engineered beer.

Best served chilled from the airstream.

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We have developed a beer that has been brewed especially for you – bikers. The BMW Motorrad non-alcoholic Bavarian engineered Beer (< 0,5% vol) is bottled by the Nittenauer Brewery. A handcrafted beer without the booze. Malty, hoppy, authentic. Non-alcoholic, strictly limited. A beer, as is BMW, made in Bavaria!

A beer for bikers. Bavarian engineered Beer. To be enjoyed chilled by a rider's air stream.

On everyone’s lips at the BMW Motorrad Days – Bavarian engineered Beer.

“Prost!” “Cheers!” “To us!” The BMW Motorrad Days are over but the memory remains. Especially this year’s eyecatcher: an extraordinary craft beer, some chosen ones chinked their glasses with.

“I love this German beer” says GS Trophy winner Charl Moolman with a satisfied smile on his face before taking another sip. Moolman is amazed by the nonalcoholic beer for bikers from BMW Motorrad. “Hoppy. Malty. Like it!” The distinctive taste appeals to other attendants too and soon the first exclusive crates are flushed. It is the perfect refreshment on this hot Friday, because this craft beer is best served chilled from the airstream.

The taste of freedom.

Every biker knowingly associates the taste of freedom individually. For one it may be a day at the tracks leaving behind rubber traces on the tarmac or a cross-country ride that will be topped off with a breathtaking view. For another freedom tastes like dust of never ending deserts that is washed down with an icecold drink.

How does freedom taste for you?

Tell us your story and we will tell you, how freedom tastes for us.

The Bavarian engineered Beer is currently highly limited and only available at some BMW Motorrad Events. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

To you! To freedom! Uncap and enjoy – alcohol-free!

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    Creative master brewer with laptop and gumboots.

    After finishing his apprenticeship in the traditional brewery Kneitinger in Regensburg, a year as journeyman in Argentina and his studies in Weihenstephan Sebastian Jakob entered into his parents’ brewery. Equipped with his laptop and gumboots you can find him there since 2012. Through the years brewing beer has become his passion and to try out new brewing processes – ever so crazy – his preference. As regards taste the diploma beer sommelier knows exactly which direction he will head for and as diploma master brewer he also knows how to get there.

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    Craft beer without alcohol – for real.

    The „Bavarian engineered beer“ is a real craft beer – with almost no alcohol. A rarity among the carft beers. This is due to the specific yeast culture. The special aspect about the yeast: only the glucose ferments and so produces just a small amount of alcohol whereas the maltose is maintained completely in the beer. The fruity scent that reaches your nostrils at the first smell originates from the two exceptional sorts of hop simcoe and mosaic. Is it grapefruit, maracuya or pineapple? It is going to be tropical in Bavaria for sure! The pretty color and malty taste is induced by the bohemian germination floor malt and the red caramel malt. This list of ingredients not only sounds good but tastes even better. Simply the perfect beer for bikers – tasty, cooling and alcohol-free.

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