BMW GS Safari-Enduro Australia 2014.

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Australia is a continent with a vast array of geographic features. From deserts to lush tropical rainforests the ‘Big Brown Land’ has it all. BMW Motorrad’s GS models could well have been designed with Australia in mind, as the ‘go-anywhere’ boxer is the perfect motorcycle to traverse this amazing continent.

GS adventure across the top of Australia

The adventure of their lives.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Australian BMW Safari, 85 skilled GS riders enjoyed the ride of their lives across the top of the Northern Territory and Queensland on this year’s celebratory BMW GS Safari Enduro.
Setting out from the northern capital city of Darwin, the adventurous riders were treated to some incredible riding and scenery, and many were challenged with the ever-changing conditions as they made their way toward the Great Barrier Reef at Palm Cove on the east coast. Through floodways, dust and the magnificent Northern Territory and Queensland Gulf Country, the BMW GS Safari Enduro treated riders to an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. This was more than just an off-road ride, as the ‘Enduro’ designation separated it from the usual GS Safari. It was engaging and at times testing – not only in terms of riding ability but also being able to adapt to the changes in conditions and the extreme nature of the country.    

In the great outdoors.

As the BMW Safari Enduro headed into the outback, on several nights the riders spent the night under the stars in a BMW Safari-branded ‘swag’ (portable lightweight sleeping unit) that was especially produced for the event and is the perfect souvenir to remember the outback sojourn. After a week of fantastic riding through areas that the majority of riders would not attempt solo there was a mix of both satisfaction and sorrow when they gathered at the Palm Cove for the farewell evening function. It was a time to share the memories and say goodbye to old friends and new. For BMW Motorrad Australia Marketing Manager Miles Davis, this was an amazing BMW GS Safari Enduro that will be remembered for a long time by all participants.

To see the riders take up the challenge, help each other though the toughest sectors and finish the day with a smile was a delight to see.

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