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To enjoy this website in full, you require the latest web browser version and, where possible, additional plug-ins. The list on the right provides you with the most important browsers and plug-ins which you can download for free onto your computer.

Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer? If so, you can use the "Windows Update" function located in the "Tools" menu to update.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The latest Microsoft browser version with additional plug-ins.


Mozilla Firefox Browser

Browser Download the latest browser version free of charge.

Safari Browser

Download the latest browser version for Macintosh computers.

Macromedia Flash

The browser plug-in for animated content, images and video sequences.

Apple QuickTime

 The browser plug-in from Apple for videos and 360 degree views.


 The player to view the latest media formats via streaming.

Adobe Reader

Read software that allows you to view and print PDF files.

Systeme settings.

Recommended web browsers:
The website is designed for use with the most common browsers. For optimum results, we recommend you use the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari, as browser performance may differ depending on the version and manufacturer. You can download these browsers for free by clicking on the links provided on the "Software downloads" page.

Resolution and colour depth:
A monitor resolution of at least 1,024 x 768 pixels is recommended to view the website optimally. The maximum colour depth should be set in your computer's system settings to ensure the highest levels of usability.

JavaScript and Java:
The website can only be viewed if JavaScript is activated in your browser settings. Certain website pages (such as the bike configurator) also require Java to be activated.

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